High Efficiency Energy Equipment Field


High Efficiency Appliance Field

The High-efficiency Appliances Certification Program is to single out those products, perform above the certain standards, for promoting High-efficiency Appliance and initiatives market Certified products are entitled to bear the High-efficiency Appliance Label and certificates are also issued. There are 44 target products including pumps, boilers, and lighting appliances.

Legal basis

  • - Article 22 and Article 23 of the energy use streamlining law
  • - Provisions for the promotion of high-efficiency energy equipment (by No. 2009-202 of Ministry of Knowledge Economy notice)
  • - High-energy efficiency equipment mark

Target Items

Items Item definitions
Heat Recovery
Heat recovery ventilators of rated voltage of not more than 700V and the rated air flow rate of not more than 300N㎥/h. The unit should be installed in a building with a single cabinet to recover heat between outside air and inside air.
Precision air-
Precision air-conditioners which has one indoor unit standard rated cooling capacity over 1kW less than 30kW.
Gas engine driven
Gas engine driven heatpump, which uses natural gas as energy source, of rated cooling capacity of 23 kW or over on the basis of outdoor unit .
Direct fired absorption
chiller - heater
Direct fired absorption chiller-heater, which uses gas and oil, of rated cooling capacity of not more than 1,233 kW and of rated heating capacity of not more than 1,407 kW.
Centrifugal . Screw
water chiller
Centrifugal water chiller of rated cooling capacity not more than 7,032kW by KS B 6270. Screw water chiller of rated cooling capacity not more than 1,758kW by KS B 6275